We are approved by the Government and multiple manufacturers.

We aim to provide free no obligation advice, to provide a tailored solution for businesses and homes rather than a one size fits all approach which is favoured by the national companies tied in with dealerships and car manufacturers. We hope by doing this the customer has a better chance of paying a little less while perhaps getting advised on different chargers suited to their needs, most national suppliers only know about the one charge point which they are affiliated with.

We are approved by the following manufacturers:

Please click on any of the logos to view the manufacturers website for individual technical and pricing information, alternatively you can contact us here and we can walk you through any questions you may have.

Charger, Kent

EV Charger installed directly from meter cupboard, we do not even enter the property.

Charger, Ashford

EV Charger installed with cable entering from the rear, the electrical supply is in the garage behind so we can hide everything inside.

PodPoint Worthing

Here we have installed a commercial 22kw unit to the rear of an office building for their staff. 22kw is 3 phase and generally charges 3x as fast as a domestic 7.2kw unit.

CT Clamp

This monitors the energy usage of the house and reports it to you via an app on your phone, this also communicates with the charge point to reduce its draw if the property is reaching its upper limit of supply.

Not all charging points are smart

Smart features

Inside most smart charging points is a data connection seen inside the orange box, this monitors the properties power usage, also seen with the arrow is the rotary switch which allows the unit to be set to different power usages.

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